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Collectable Michigan made Fishing lure. The Kurtis Katchall      Its not often that you find a lure that not only works better than expected, but is a Michigan made classic lure, is listed as an antique fishing tackle that is very collectable all at the same time and is still avialable from the old original stock.  The Kurtis Katch-All is one of those rarities.  As the old timers used to say, "That thing will catch them all."

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The Kurtis Katch-All is a bait holding rig, that is unparalleled at catching Pike, Muskies, Perch, Salmon, Lake Trout and Walleye.  Originally designed for bobber and still fishing using smelt type baits or mutiple minnows, it also works great for ice fishing, slow trolling or even as a fish decoy.   This rig was invented in 1957 by my father Louis A. Kurtis (1905-1992) and I assisted him in getting patents for the device.   The "Bait Holder" is primarily designed for use with frozen smelt, (one of the secrets) but can be used with big minnows, frozen, dried or canned natural baits and even imitation baits.   The main attraction to the Kurtis Katch-All is the superior hooking capability of the rig.  It provides 4 treble hooks on spreaders, an additional hook can be rigged once inserted into the bait.  It is easy to setup with a substantial central support, the cross member slot guides allow easy no-miss insertion and the bait remains in a natural horizontal placement.  The Kurtis Katch-All is completely contained inside the bait fish so that game fish can not "mouth" the rigging when attempting a strike, all they get are the hooks.
Antique and Collectable Michigan Lures value guide.

The Kurtis Katch-All is a unique device that really works, it is included in the Commercial Fish Decoys Identification and Value Guide Collectible Decoys and Implements Used in the Sport of Ice Spear Fishing by Frank R. Baron. 

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We hope you enjoy as much success with this lure as we have.